Sprint Images is...

Sprintimages is all about recording rich and varied collection of images and experiences from around the globe in an interesting, sometimes off beat and always thoughtful way. I would think there are few places on the net that you can find images of the International Fetish Scene and the ancient temples of Egypt side by side other than here at sprintimages.com but both interest me so here they are on the site Using the blog on the home page I will try to keep you informed of what I will be up to in the coming weeks and through the galleries do my best to include you in what I have been doing.

To my mind there are far too many photographers with far too many pretentions about what they will and will not photograph; for me our role is to capture the unusual, get to places and situations that are not every day happenings and show them to anyone who is interested in taking a look. A simple but hopefully solid foundation on which to base my work that will bring as much pleasure to the viewer as it did to the photographer when capturing the images.

I hope you like what you find on the pages of this web site and come back regularly to see what new stuff I have managed to find each week. If you would like to contact me about any subject relating to my work or photography in general please email me at peter@sprintimages.com. If you have any suggestions regarding subjects for my shoots I will do what I can to include them and who knows you may see your idea on this site sometime in the future?

Thank you for taking the time to visit my site and I hope you have enjoyed the experience.